Roman Catholic Church

St. Stephen’s

9748 State Route 812, Croghan, NY 13327

DESCRIPTION: Parishioners who volunteer to participate in the Altar Linen Care Ministry maintain and launder the altar linens.

QUALIFICATIONS: Anyone who has an interest to care for the altar linens may contact the Parish Office.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Volunteers of the Altar Linen Care Ministry are usually assigned from the Parish office on a rotating basis to prepare the Linens for Saturday evening and Sunday morning celebrations. Changes in assignment are expected to be handled by the Altar Linen Care Volunteers themselves.

PREPARATION: Individual preparation and ongoing training is offered within the Parish.

CONTACT: Parishioners interested in participating in the Altar Linen Care Ministry may contact St. Stephen’s Parish Office at 315-346-6958 or email the Parish Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.