Roman Catholic Church

St. Stephen’s

9748 State Route 812, Croghan, NY 13327

DESCRIPTION: For more than 36 years parishioners have been supporting families at the time of loss by offering to organize and provide a luncheon in the parish hall after a funeral mass/service or burial. The on-going generosity of families served and the continued support of parishioners who donate their time, food and supplies make it possible for this parish tradition to continue.

QUALIFICATIONS: Anyone who is willing to give of their time, as needed, to prepare dishes for, set up and/or serve dinners for families following funeral services in the parish hall.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Volunteers of the Hospitality Team are usually assigned on a rotating basis to help set-up and prepare a funeral luncheon. Volunteers may serve as Team Leader/Chairperson to coordinate an individual funeral luncheon on an as need basis. Hospitality Team Leaders/Chairpersons are scheduled on a rotating basis to prepare funeral luncheons. The assigned Team Leader is expected to coordinate worker assignments and food preparation. Changes in assignment are expected to be handled by the Team Leader/Chairperson themselves. Monetary donations should be directed to the Parish Office.

PREPARATION: The Team Leader/Chairperson assigned to a particular funeral luncheon will organize volunteer workers and coordinate food preparation.

CONTACT: Parishioners interested in joining the Hospitality Team may contact St. Stephen’s Parish Office at 315-346-6958 or email the Parish Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.